Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Italian supercar builder Lamborghini, and the occasion will be honored with events worldwide, including a grand tour of Italy. Proving that the iconic automaker has a long life ahead of it, Jay Leno spent some time viewing Lamborghini’s latest concepts at the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and lead designer Filippo Perini were on hand to take Leno through the Urus SUV concept, which will likely see production in the coming years. While some features (like the side view cameras in lieu of mirrors) aren’t legal yet, the basic shape probably won’t change much in production form.

The exception is likely to be the concept’s 24-inch wheels, which Winkelmann views as too large for production. Expect downsizing to a more reasonable 22-inch wheel when the Urus is built, which will still give the super-SUV a commanding stance.

As for power, Lamborghini’s CEO confirmed what we’ve already heard: the standard engine is likely to be a forced-induction V-8, with a hybrid drivetrain under consideration for its fuel economy and ease of packaging in an SUV platform.

Next up was Leno’s look at Lamborghini’s limited-production, track-only Sesto Elemento, narrated by head of research and development Maurizio Reggiani. Built of carbon fiber and forged composites, the 570-horsepower supercar weighs in at just 999 kilograms (2,198 pounds).

That kind of horsepower-to-weight ratio, coupled with the car’s all-wheel-drive, gives it the ability to sprint from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in a jaw-dropping 2.3 seconds, on its way to a top speed of nearly 220 miles per hour.

You won’t get to experience the rush of the Sesto Elemento’s acceleration on the street, however; rather than adding the weight of safety features like advanced airbag systems, Lamborghini will sell the $2.2 million supercar for track use only. Only 20 examples will be built, but you’re already too late to buy one since production is reportedly sold out.