To promote its refreshed 2013 370Z, Nissan solicited fan feedback on its Nissan Performance Facebook page to create the world’s first crowdsourced 370Z track car. Since Kicking off what it called "Project 370Z," Nissan has shown us two videos of the car under assembly, and now we get to see a brief glimpse of the completed project.

Stage one of the build covered engine and handling upgrades, including the addition of a GReddy turbo kit, a KW suspension and brake improvements courtesy of StopTech. Stage two featured a custom tune, interior upgrades, new Volk forged aluminum wheels and a “metaloid” vinyl wrap in matte gray and chrome.

The final video shows the car stretching its legs on The Tail of the Dragon, as part of this year’s ZDayZ 2012 festivities. Given that the event was held in May, it’s a bit odd that Nissan is only releasing the third video in the series now.

We’d also like to see a bit more detail on the car. How much horsepower and torque is it sending to the rear wheels? How does the car’s lap time (at a track of Nissan’s choosing) compare to a stock Z? What will happen to the car now that the build is complete? How can we get a turn behind the wheel?

We’re not complaining, but is seems like the whole Project 370Z effort has been filled with a lot more questions than answers. Care to fill in the blanks for us, Nissan?

Update: Nissan's Troy McKeown has snapped us a pic of the sign that sits beside the Project 370Z at Nissan's Tennessee headquarters. Thanks Troy!

The build sheet for Nissan's Project 370Z - image: Troy McKeown

The build sheet for Nissan's Project 370Z - image: Troy McKeown