When you want to promote the launch of a refreshed sports car with a near-rabid worldwide following, what better way is there than turning over the design of a one-off build to your Facebook fans?

To promote the refreshed 370Z, that’s exactly what Nissan did, crowd-sourcing the build options to fans of the Nissan Performance Facebook page. The build was then broken down into three phases, including performance modifications, tuning and cosmetic modifications and finally, the unveiling.

In stage one, a GReddy twin turbo kit boosted output (no pun intended) from 332 to “about” 500 horsepower, helped by the addition of a GReddy catback exhaust system. KW handled the suspension upgrade, and StopTech provided the enhanced braking.

In stage two, the car gets a custom tune before being dyno tested, although the video never shows us what kind of horsepower and torque numbers the car is putting down. Next comes interior upgrades in the form of a new steering wheel, shift knob, AEM gauges, door panels and custom Recaro seats.

Outside, the custom Z gets forged aluminum Volk TE37SL wheels, measuring 19 by 10.5 inches in back and 19 by 9.5 inches up front. Finally, the car gets a “metaloid” vinyl wrap, which Nissan bills as “a hybrid of sophistication and power” but we view as “cheaper than a custom paint job.”

Next up is stage three, the reveal of the crowd-sourced 370Z at this year’s ZDayZ event. Stay tuned for the final installment in the series.