Yesterday, Nissan unveiled the refreshed 370Z Coupe and Convertible. Today it is inviting fans to participate in what it's calling "Project 370Z."

In an effort to highlight the numerous options available to passionate Z owners, Nissan is going to create a project Z car in which fans are in charge.

Starting with a fresh 2013 370Z, Nissan is going to build the car in three upgrade phases: power, handling/brakes, interior and exterior.

Each phase will begin with fan wall posts, comments, and likes on Nissan's Performance Facebook fan page being reviewed during the voting session. The upgrades and accessories with the most fan support will be chosen for each phase, similar to a build-your-own adventure book. Hey, we loved those as kids.

The finished car will be unveiled in May during ZDayZ in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Nissan promises the car will also be made available to other enthusiast events such as ZCON 2012 and SEMA. We also hear it will be available for testing by leading enthusiast publications, forums, and blogs. Don't worry, we're already trying to convince Nissan to hand us the keys before this build has even started.

The build will be based on the updated 2013 370Z, which comes with new LED daytime running lights and revised bumpers among other upgrades. For all the information regarding the 2013 370Z make sure to read our full preview here.

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