Lexus’ LFA supercar has been on the market for about a year and a half now, and aside from unusual paint and the performance-enhancing Nürburgring package, there isn’t much new to talk about.

That’s not a complaint, since there really isn’t much about the V-10 powered, 552 horsepower Lexus that needs fixing. Some would argue that the car’s $375,000 base price, the highest ever from a Japanese automaker, needs to be more on par with traditional supercar offerings, but Toyota doesn’t seem to care.

The LFA enjoys modest sales and above-average exclusivity, and that seems to be in-line with Lexus’ expectations for its halo car. Still, a bit more notoriety would help, and there’s no better way to generate buzz about an aspirational car than by giving ordinary people the chance to experience it.

On August 1, Lexus wants you to prepare to “Unleash The LFA.” Details on exactly what that means are a bit hazy, but a namesake website seems to offer one lucky driver an expenses-paid Skip Barber school in California, topped off by a drive around Laguna Seca in an LFA, at the talented hands of racer Scott Pruett.

We’re not sure if that’s the entire reason behind Lexus’ short LFA promotional video or just part of it. Check back on August 1 for complete details, or head on over to the Unleash The LFA website to throw your name into the drawing.