It’s hard to think of McLaren as a new company; after all, the company founded by racer Bruce McLaren has been building race cars since the 1960s. McLaren was also the company behind one of the most lust-worthy supercars of all time, the McLaren F1.

Despite this history, McLaren Automotive (which builds the road-going MP4-12C) is just a year old, and is marking the event with a look back at the past year. It’s been a busy one indeed, as the automaker has managed to launch an all-new production center, establish a global dealer network and sell some 1000 copies of its MP4-12C supercar.

By anyone’s measure, that’s quite an achievement for a company’s first year, but McLaren also took top honors as the “Best British Luxury Brand,” established the McLaren Special Operations Group to build bespoke examples of the MP4-12C and even found time to launch a racing version of the car, called the 12C GT3.

McLaren’s managing director, Anthony Sheriff, said of the anniversary, “This is a proud moment in time for everyone at McLaren where, in only 12 months, the 12C has established itself as one of the most acclaimed high performance sports cars in the world amongst a very discerning customer.”

It was just one year ago when McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button kicked off the opening of the very first McLaren Automotive showroom in London, and the brand now has an established retail network in some 22 countries.

We tip out collective hats to McLaren for a first year job well done, and wish them all the best for continued success in the future.