The 2013 Roush RS Mustang

The 2013 Roush RS Mustang

While Roush is best known for making V-8 Mustangs go even faster, not everyone can afford the cost of a Mustang GT plus Roush upgrades. Beyond that, there are enthusiasts who are happy with the 305-horsepower and 31 mpg delivered by the 3.7-liter V-6 Mustang.

Enter the 2013 Roush RS (for Roush Six) Mustang, which starts at just $4,000 over the cost of a new V-6 Mustang. That money buys you 19-inch Mustang GT wheels, Roush lowering springs, high-flow upper and lower grilles, a front chin splitter, side skirts and a custom Roush decklid spoiler.

You get the requisite Roush fender badges, windshield header and faux gas cap, too, while a hood scoop, rear window louvers and additional exterior graphics are available options.

Inside, the RS Mustang gets Roush floor mats, billet pedals, and a Roush center console emblem. If you want to spend more money, custom leather seats, a cue-ball shifter, illuminated door sills and a suede steering wheel are all available options.

Roush’s vice president of sales and marketing, Tim Wheeler, said of the package, “We are excited to offer a Roush package for all levels of the Ford Mustang line up. The RS addresses the Mustang V6 owner that is looking for the Roush touch off the showroom floor.”

What Roush doesn’t address is the V-6 Mustang’s electronically-governed top speed of 112 miles per hour, a limitation of its cost-saving driveshaft. As this video painfully illustrates, there’s more to making a V-6 Mustang go fast than reflashing its ECU.