Very few people get to design cars for a living, and even fewer of those will pen the next supercar.

However, one lucky and particularly talented individual that we know of will get to see their dream come true.

GrabCAD, a company specializing in the development of computer-aided design (CAD) software, launched the "Design a supercar body" contest a few months back, and after 194 entries in forty days, Darren McKeage's Tosa Street Car design took victory in the Street Design section, as voted for by "likes" on the contest's Facebook page.

The best part is that Darren's design is on track to be produced, starting in 2013.

Though Darren's design looks sleek and high-tech, all the entries were designed to fit over a pre-determined chassis design, powered by a GM-sourced LS V-8 engine.

Each contestant could then clothe the supercar chassis with their own body design, using GrabCAD's computer-aided design software.

According to 500 Group, co-hosts of the competition, Darren's design "has the complete package, a dynamic mature shape that's not too extreme, great physical balance, deep signature side vents and a great adherence to working with the supplied chassis, including the front and rear boxes."

Darren McKeage's Tosa Street Car supercar design

Darren McKeage's Tosa Street Car supercar design

Second place in the contest went to Luis Cordoba's STURA-R design, followed by Marius Flitar's BarG. There were further victors in a contest to design a track car based on the chassis.

You can read more about all the entries on the contest design page.