Supercars are utterly defined by two things.

One is the engine. Be it the Bugatti Veyron's thousand horsepower, quad-turbocharged W16, or the screaming V12 of a Pagani Zonda, the engine is fifty percent of everything that matters about a supercar.

The second, and the other fifty percent, is the styling. A supercar absolutely cannot be a dull thing to look at. It needs to be beautiful, or wild, or menacing, or a combination of all of those and more.

The Supercar Body Challenge allows budding designers to contribute their own fifty percent, by designing a supercar body to fit a pre-designed engine and chassis combination.

As WorldCarFans reports, intellectual property firm 500 Group and the GrabCAD community is running a competition to clothe its high-tech, GM LS-engined supercar chassis, and there are prizes on offer--including $3,500 in cash prizes and additional work with the companies involved.

More than 200 entries have been submitted so far in the Challenge, the fruits of which will see a 2013 launch.

Interested in contributing? Head over to the GrabCAD website to vote.