The Lexus LFA is many things: technological triumph, exquisitely exclusive, incredibly expensive, in many ways oddly archaic, and an icon for the brand and its fans. It was also incredibly costly, took a decade to develop, and even at maximum production volume, won't see many garages--ever, even compared to other exotic supercars. So why would Lexus be considering a car that's twice as expensive, and even more high-performance?

We're not sure. We can't really even fathom a guess as to why, but according to AutoGuide, that's exactly what they're doing. While doubling the price of the LFA won't quite get it to the $1 million mark, it will get it very close--and closer still if the new "LFA II" hits the same stumbling blocks the LFA did during its development.

It's hard not to think of the recent LF-LC concept when considering a future Lexus supercar, especially since talk of production stirred shortly after its unveiling at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Though offered as a design concept, with only minimal hints as to its Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the combination of a truly advanced hybrid drivetrain with supercar performance could mean Lexus is attempting to join the Porsche 918 Spyder's territory--and that car is priced well into the stratosphere.

Oddly, however, the LF-LC's production talk has previously been aimed at a more accessible target price and production volume than the LFA. So the talk--if it proves true--could be about a third car altogether.

While Toyota/Lexus has yet to confirm anything on the matter, we'll have our tendrils out to all of our sources to bring you the latest as the story develops.