There’s no shortage of custom Challenger SRT8s, as the muscle-car-with-mass has followers every bit as loyal and creative as Mustang and Camaro fans. We’ve seen plenty of high-horsepower Challengers and have even witnessed a few set up for road racing, which really isn’t the Challenger’s forte.

What we’ve never seen before now is a Challenger SRT8 stretched into a limousine. LA Custom Coach has changed that, thanks to president Philip Eiselin’s vision. The Challenger’s wheel design caught Eiselin’s eye, and he he quickly laid out the concept for a Challenger-based limo on his computer.

A few months later, the world’s first Challenger-based limo was born. To allow for easier passenger entry, this Challenger is a four-door, which added a bit to the complexity of the build. Per Eiselin’s comments, it draws plenty of attention when parked, outshining even ultra-luxury cars from Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

The car features acres of black, with subtle red trim, but not an ounce of chrome. Inside, the interior is primarily black leather trimmed with red SRT striping and accented by a red headliner. A swirling skylight adds a dramatic effect, and the limo is equipped with the obligatory mood lighting and full bar.

We’re sure it’s capable of some pretty spectacular burnouts, too, although you’d probably need to tip your chauffeur generously (in advance) to encourage such behavior.

The Challenger SRT8 limo is one-of-a-kind for now, but not for long. LA Custom Coach is currently building a second stretched Challenger, and there are plans for more beyond that.