Murdered out is played out, but it still looks menacing. Perhaps that's the thought behind the Altitude edition versions of the new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Patriot.

The name itself was chosen by the brand's Name My Ride contest, the top pick of over 100,000 entries. Oddly, Altitude was also the name of a special-edition Saab 9-7X. We doubt the vultures picking over Saab's bones will raise their beaks to notice, however.

Regardless, the "blacked-out" models, as Jeep calls them, will pack a range of, well, blacked-out interior and exterior features for aspiring gangsta rappers, posers, and, naturally, soccer moms.

For the Grand Cherokee Altitude, that includes a black gloss grille, mesh grille in platinum chrome, platinum chrome lower bumper add-on, black headlight bezels, and a black liftgate bar. Twenty-inch black-gloss wheels ensure dub club membership. Inside, there are leather-trimmed heated front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter, iPod/MP3 stereo, rear backup camera, and much more. Best of all, it's available in non-black colors--though the blacked-out accents remain. It starts from $35,595 in two-wheel drive, or $37,595 in 4x4 guise.

The Compass Altitude gets the same basic treatment, with grille, headlamps, roof rails, and step pad all getting the black look, with 18-inch black gloss wheels. The Patriot wears more bright chrome, on the other hand, with 17-inch black gloss wheels, bright chrome lower fascia and rear step pad covers, and bright polished roof rails.