Bugatti has taken the wraps off yet another special version of the Grand Sport, this time called the Vitesse. At 1,200 horsepower, wrapped into a slick-looking roadster form, it's certainly not something we'd kick out of our garage.

A Porsche engineer has predicted the death of the manual transmission--at least in the 911. That may seem a bit odd given Porsche just debuted a new 7-speed stick in the 2012 911, but the ascendance of the dual-clutch is too strong to resist, according to this engineer. He has a point.

We also get an early look at the 2013 Lexus ES, courtesy of spies in China. While it may yet see some changes for U.S.-market versions, it's certainly a step in the right GS-flavored direction.

All of this and more can be found in the day's car news below.

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