The classic style and modern performance combination of the typical Morgan might seem like an odd platform to launch an electric vehicle, but that's exactly what the company plans for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It'll even have a manual gearbox.

That won't be the electric Morgan's only nod to the technology of the past, of course, with a retro-styled body to cover the high-tech innards. The powertrain comes from UK firm Zytek, which says the Plus E will go into production if there's enough public interest, according to Automotive News (sub. req.).

Aside from those scant details--electric power, manual 'box--there's not much known about the new Plus E concept, except that Morgan says it will offer "near supercar performance." It will also use the aluminum chassis of the Aero SuperSports.

Chassis fabrication will be done by Radshape. Image: Morgan Motor Company

Chassis fabrication will be done by Radshape. Image: Morgan Motor Company

The manual transmission may be part of what helps the Plus E achieve its supercar-like performance. In a typical electric car, a single gear ratio--or sometimes two--is all that's used, owing to the high instant torque and wide rpm range of the motor. But adding a gearbox into the mix allows torque multiplication for better low-end acceleration and higher top speeds.

Also up for reveal at Geneva will be Morgan's new Aero Coupe. We'll be live from the Geneva Motor Show with a team of reporters bringing you all of the latest news, so stay tuned for the full details, live photos, and video.