If you feed your need for speed with amps instead of octane, we have some good news for you. Thanks to the efforts of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) has penned safety rules and regulations for electric car and motorcycle drag racing, now recognized by the IHRA.

In short, this means that electric cars, dragsters and motorcycles can now run in IHRA events, and are subject to published IHRA competition rules to ensure a fair and level playing field.

Since the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) recognized electric vehicles a few years back, the IHRA’s move should open up the number of tracks available to electric drag racers and further legitimize the sport.

While the IHRA is the second-largest drag racing sanctioning body in the United States (next to the NHRA), it is the largest one in Canada. Electric drag racing has proven popular in Western Canada (and in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where NEDRA is incorporated), so the move will undoubtedly grow interest in the (relatively) new sport.

Don't expect drag racing to be the only motorsport open to electric cars, either. NISMO has built a full-on race version of the Nissan Leaf, in hopes of working towards an electric GT series, and even the FIA has expressed interest in an electric car formula series.

We may have 5w30 in our veins, but when it comes to racing, we don't discriminate against anything that goes fast.