By now, you've probably noticed we're impressed with the 2012 Range Rover Evoque.

In fact, it was a Best Car to Buy 2012 nominee right here on Motor Authority.

We're not alone, however. Over 50 international awards have been given to the Evoque, according to Land Rover.

It's also a hit where they know a thing or two about awards: Hollywood. No surprise, since the Evoque is cutting-edge cool in a city already awash with Land Rovers and Range Rovers. But what is it about the marque that keeps the stars agog?

Enter The Hollywood Reporter. The magazine dug beneath the surface and initially found...more surface (it is Hollywood, after all). It shifted to creeper mode stalked from a standstill outside businesses frequently visited by the stars "over a roughly one-hour period." Up to half the valeted vehicles coming or going were...envelope please...Range Rovers.

You can buy a number of SUVs with impressive capabilities, but Land Rovers and Range Rovers are among the few that communicate surface conditions into the well-appointed cabins without expressing them in the harshest possible terms. We've driven them in all conditions from blizzards to race tracks. But we've never made a grand entrance or departure in one.

Maybe that's part of it, because southern California driving doesn't include everyday treks on snowy mountain roads or blasts through the hairpins of Mulholland Highway. More often, it's unglamorous snarled traffic. All-wheel drive and dynamic handling doesn't mean much when you're idling at a standstill.

So it could be these Rovers' roles are enabling the Hollywood craft of anonymously being seen on demand. Perhaps they act as four-wheeled bodyguards and publicists, announcing, "Your attention please. Please us be."

Luxury, status and versatility. That makes Range Rovers a triple threat. Triple threats have been known to go over well in Hollywood.