Even if money is no object, living with a supercar like the Bugatti Veyron takes patience and planning. Driving the world's fastest car in rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic isn’t pleasant, and it certainly isn’t the best use of the car’s exclusive (and hence, expensive) tires.

Visibility is an issue, too, although with a Veyron it’s probably more important to see what’s in front of you than what’s behind you.

Other motorists are a constant threat as well, as they jockey closer to grab a cell-phone camera picture of your car without regard to their own.

While these are all things to consider before buying a Veyron (or most other exotics), perhaps the biggest limiting factor is this: as this latest video illustrates, you have to plan accordingly before attempting to tackle something as common as a speed bump.

The driver in this case is believed to be Pierre Henri Raphanel, Bugatti’s official test driver and the man that took the even quicker Veyron Super Sport to its record breaking top speed of 268 mph. Here we see him at much slower pace, navigating a series of speed bumps on a road near Shamshabad International Airport in Hyderabad, India.

Raphanel is down in India to help promote the Veyron to the country’s growing population of mega-rich. We doubt this video will deter any of them from buying one. We know we certainly wouldn't think twice about buying one... if we had the money, of course.

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