Annie and her Smart 341 Parkour Concept have taken top honors at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, which this year focused on the theme of “Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car”.

Penned at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Sindelfingen, Germany, the 341 Parkour Concept is touted as a reporter’s best friend.

It belongs to budding investigative reporter Annie and features several elements designed to enable her to take pictures from the best possible locations, such as a large greenhouse and suction cap-enabled climbing ability.

"With the 341 Parkour smart hit the nail on the head: the design combines innovation and functionality with an exciting film plot" is how the jury consisting of multi-discipline design professionals justified their decision.

The Smart brand and its designers certainly have a knack for award-winning designs, having tied with Cadillac for first place in the award last year with the 454 Concept. Of course, as we’ve seen with past Smarts, capturing the highly conceptualized designs in the production world is yet to be fulfilled though we'll likely see more exciting designs in the future.

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