2013 Cadillac ATS teaser

2013 Cadillac ATS teaser

Development work on Cadillac’s 3-Series rival, the upcoming 2013 Cadillac ATS, is well underway as detailed in this official teaser video, however, the latest word is that a planned convertible variant has been shelved.

From the onset Cadillac was expected to launch the ATS Sedan in 2012, followed by a coupe variant one year later and a convertible further down the track.

A wagon, like the current CTS Sport Wagon, was apparently canned near the start of the ATS’ planning phase.

Now, it turns out that the convertible has also been canned due to low expected demand for such a vehicle.

GM Inside News reports that volume projections for the ATS Convertible were not high enough to justify the needed capital investment to build it, though the ATS Coupe is still coming.

You’ll note that Cadillac chose not to build a convertible version of the CTS for similar reasons, though there’s one sticking point.

The Cadillac ATS range is to be built on GM’s new compact rear-wheel drive ‘Alpha’ platform, which is expected to spawn the next-generation Camaro, a model that will almost certainly be available as a convertible.

Stay tuned for an update.

Pictured above is an official teaser image for the 2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan, however, you can view our own exclusive spy shots by clicking here.