Sporting nearly as much carbon fiber as your average F1 car, the BMW i3 Concept isn't a world-burning super sports car, or even a punchy performance hatch that fights above its weight. It's born and bred for the city, with an emphasis on efficiency and compact size that prompted the development team to call it the Megacity Vehicle.

Powered by a 167-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle and good for 93 miles of range, it has the key vitals of a great urban runabout that's up for the occasional longer haul. It gets its good range despite having so much available power by being light, which is where all of that carbon fiber comes in; the i3 Concept weighs just 2,755 pounds.

BMW says that's about 500-800 pounds lighter than a similar car built out of conventional metals would be. For all of the details on the i3, including its performance and charging times, check out our preview here.