While her younger sister Petra got LA's most expensive piece of real estate as a gift from her father, billionaire F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, 27-year old Tamara Ecclestone has just received a slightly more modest gift from boyfriend Omar Khyami, a Ferrari 599 GTO.

Yes, the car, which is valued at a little over $600,000, is the same limited edition Ferrari that we’ve been reporting on for the past year now, and is one of just 599 destined for production.

We’re not sure how much mileage the car will get, considering Tamara lives in the busy suburb of Kensington, West London.

However, we do know that the British socialite was so excited to receive the present that she ran out to investigate it in her pyjamas.

We just hope her relationship with Khyami doesn't turn sour and she ends up switching the car, just like Paris Hilton did with her Lexus LFA given to her by former boyfriend Cy Waits.

[Dailymotion via GT Spirit]

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