Back in February we first reported that millionaire heiress and socialite Paris Hilton had received a brand new 2012 Lexus LFA for her 30th birthday from her boyfriend at the time, Cy Waits. Since then, we’re sad to report--holds back laugh--that the relationship is now over.

It turns out that Hilton really did love the LFA, just not the color. Since breaking up she has swapped the banana yellow LFA given to her by Waits for a more elegant white one.

We’re not sure if she actually gave the car back to her ex-boyfriend or traded it in for a new one, but it looks like of the 500 LFAs destined for production, two of them have already been driven by the reality TV star.

Follow the jump below to see images of Hilton and her new LFA while she was being filmed for her latest reality show, The World According to Paris Hilton.

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