11-year old in an Audi R8

11-year old in an Audi R8

We don’t know of too many Audi R8 owners that would allow an unlicensed driver, let alone a child, to drive their pride and joy, though this video shows there’s at least one of them out there.

The clip is of a 11-year old boy in the UK hopping behind the wheel of the right-hand drive Audi R8 supercar and then proceeding to hoon it on a patch of grass, most likely with the owner’s consent.

Apart from the fact that a small child is driving a powerful and expensive supercar, the fact that he doesn’t even strap on his seatbelt is a little worrying--as is the lumpy field on which he’s throwing around the low-slung R8.

Luckily for all concerned nothing went wrong, and we must admit the kid’s skills are quite impressive for his age. It certainly doesn’t look like it was his first time.

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