Ferrari 599 GTO

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and 599 GTO at the drag strip

    When the 599 GTO was launched back in 2010, it seemed like Ferrari had set itself an almost impossibly high bar for any successor. After all, the car’s V-12 was tuned to deliver 661 horsepower, and its six-speed automated manual gearbox was one of the fastest in the business, helping the 599 GTO accelerate to 62 mph from rest in just 3.35 seconds. How much could Ferrari really improve the front-engine, rear-drive formula? It turns out the answer was a lot. Here's a video from DragTimesInfo showing the 599 GTO line up at the drag strip next to its successor, the F12 Berlinetta, and when...

  • Ferrari 599 GT0 crashed by Valet in Rome, Italy - Image via Tgcom24
    Ferrari 599 GTO Crashed By Valet Is A Write-Off: Video

    You’d think that someone employed as a valet would be somewhat competent behind the wheel of a car, but as we’ve seen time and time again this isn’t always the case. This time around, the actions of a valet have led to the demise of a Ferrari 599 GTO, of which just 599 examples...

  • Wreckage of a Ferrari 599 GTO involved in a crash in Singapore
    Tragic Ferrari 599 GTO Crash In Singapore Claims Three Lives

    A rare Ferrari 599 GTO was involved in a crash in Singapore early on Saturday, claiming the lives of three people including the driver of the Ferrari. The accident took place at a junction near the Raffles Hospital, an area known for being an accident black spot. The other vehicles involved in the...

  • 2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
    Ferrari Building Fernando Alonso Edition 599 GTB Fiorano: Report

    Ferrari is said to be working on a lightweight variant of its 599 GTB, and the car will be marketed as a tribute to Fernando Alonso.

  • Tamara Ecclestone takes delivery of Ferrari 599 GTO
    Tamara Ecclestone Gets Ferrari 599 GTO From Boyfriend: Video

    While her younger sister Petra got LA's most expensive piece of real estate as a gift from her father, billionaire F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, 27-year old Tamara Ecclestone has just received a slightly more modest gift from boyfriend Omar Khyami, a Ferrari 599 GTO. Yes, the car, which is valued at a...

  • Ferrari 599 GTO crashed in the Czech Republic. Image via
    Ferrari 599 GTO Crashed In Czech Republic

    The Ferrari 599 GTO just got a little bit rarer this week, as a 69-year-old driver failed to keep the shiny side up while driving in--you guessed it--wet conditions near Prague in the Czech Republic. The GTO looks to be a near-total loss, with the roof bent significantly after ending up upside down...

  • Ferrari 599 GTO in Cologne, Germany

    Driving an exotic supercar like the Ferrari 599 GTO on public streets can often be difficult, thanks mostly to low ride heights, poor visibility and a throttle pedal that feels like you’re about to launch a scud missile with just inches of movement of your right foot. It also doesn’t help when even everyday parking maneuvers are recorded by onlookers, such as the video we have here of a 599 GTO owner in Cologne, Germany reversing his car. A momentary lapse of concentration sees the driver scrape the side of the rear bumper of his Ferrari 599 GTO on a nearby pole. Upon getting out...

  • Ferrari 599 GTO
    Ferrari 599 GTO Mega-Gallery

    The Ferrari 599 GTO is the fastest road-going car ever created by the famous Prancing Horse marque but despite the car’s prowess the automaker has only released a measly five images of its stunning beauty. That is until today, as we now have a new mega-gallery revealing every inch of the latest...

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