2012 Range Rover Evoque Five-Door

2012 Range Rover Evoque Five-Door

A few years ago there were reports Land Rover was considering building a seven-seater LR2 though plans for the car were allegedly put on hold following the brand’s sale to Tata Motors and instead we got the much sportier Range Rover Evoque.

However, there remains a considerable gap sitting between the Evoque and the next model up in the premium Range Rover lineup, the Range Rover Sport, and product planners are now reportedly considering filling this gap with a brand new model.

According to inside sources, a new model nicknamed the ‘Grand Evoque’ is being considered as a more family-oriented version of the Evoque. It will retain the Evoque’s coupe-like styling though it will be closer to BMW’s X6 in size. 

Emerging markets such as China and Russia will be key to it successfully entering the market, though U.S. demand will also play an important role.

Underpinning the new model would be the same ‘LR-MS’ platform used in the Evoque. It would, however, be stretched by around 12 inches, increasing storage space in the rear. It seems designers are keen to keep the Evoque’s dramatic coupe-like profile so a third-row seating option is unlikely to be added.

Both front-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations would be offered, as well as the choice of several four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines.

One interesting note; with Jaguar planning a sporty mid-size crossover of its own, the development of the stretched Evoque could prove vital for the economies of scale for both vehicles. Though this would mean the Jaguar crossover won’t be constructed from aluminum, which would be contrary to previous reports.