It's no secret that the U.S. is fonder of the three-pedal manual transmission than is the rest of the world, where dual-clutch acceptance appears to be more automatic. But does that spell the end of the true manual for the next Panamera?

A report from Car and Driver says that's exactly the case, with the take rate too low to justify the cost of continuing the option. Both V-6 and V-8 models are said to face the deletion.

The news isn't all that surprising: as capable as the Panamera is in sporty driving, it's not a likely choice for someone to want to track regularly, eliminating that justification. The PDK gearbox, on the other hand, is satisfying enough for the odd spirited weekend jauny, while city cruising with the PDK gearbox is much more comfortable. It is, after all, a large luxury sedan.

We won't bemoan the loss. Instead, we'll focus our attention on the more curious Porsche manual transmission of late: the seven-speed three-pedal arrangement rumored for the 991 Porsche 911.

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