Ever thought the Bentley Mulsanne was just not quite big enough? Probably not, but as you’re about to find out now not everybody thinks this way.

Pictured above is a custom stretched version of the Mulsanne flagship sedan, which not only gets a ton of extra legroom but armor protection as well. That’s because the custom work is done by Russia’s ArmorTech Motors Group, a company specialized in building armored vehicles for various overly concerned individuals.

ArmorTech offers several different lengths of Mulsanne, with the smallest stage adding around 20-inches to the car’s wheelbase and the longest adding as much as 45-inches. Remember, the Bentley Mulsanne in standard form already stretches some 219-inches in length.

Additionally, if a buyer is so inclined, they can also opt for an extra 3.9-inches of headroom as ArmorTech will also raise the roof on the Mulsanne.

This is no backyard cut-and-weld job, however. ArmorTech’s engineers ensure that the appropriate modifications to the brakes, chassis and suspension are made depending on how much extra length and weight are added.

If an armored vehicle was a necessity in your daily life, we could think of few other vehicles that will be more comfortable to ride in then a Bentley Mulsanne.

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[ArmorTech via World Car Fans]


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