• Meet the Limo-Jet

    Some fancy folks like to be chauffered in a limousine. Others with even more cash opt to travel in high style in a private jet. A company called Jetsetter, Inc. looked at both options and thought, why not combine the two? That's how the company came up with the Limo-Jet. The Limo-Jet made its debut at KnowledgeFest in Dallas, which was held August 17-19. The plane upon which this limousine is based is a Lear Jet. Though it soars no more, it roars because it's loaded to the gills with audio gear. Guests will find a 4,500-watt stereo system that can likely replicate the noise once created by...

  • Limo Broker previews Audi R8 stretch limo
    British Firm Previews New Audi R8 Stretch Limo: Video

    British limousine specialist Limo Broker has done the unthinkable and announced plans to destroy a perfectly good Audi R8 in order to convert it into a stretch limo. Worse than the Maserati Quattroporte limo we previously saw for sale on eBay, and possibly even the stretched Ferrari we saw at the...

  • Custom Maserati Quattroporte limo
    Maserati Quattroporte Limo Found On eBay

    The Maserati Quattroporte limo still has its Ferrari-derived V-8 engine intact, though we doubt it’s ever given the chances to stretch its legs.

  • ArmorTech stretched Bentley Mulsanne
    Stretched Bentley Mulsanne Built By Russia’s ArmorTech

    Ever thought the Bentley Mulsanne was just not quite big enough? Probably not, but as you’re about to find out now not everybody thinks this way. Pictured above is a custom stretched version of the Mulsanne flagship sedan, which not only gets a ton of extra legroom but armor protection as...

  • Lincoln MKT Town Car
    Lincoln MKT Town Car Is Your Next Limo

    With production of the Lincoln Town Car--and its Panther platform stablemates--coming to an end, Ford is now in need of a replacement for its popular limousine. That replacement could potentially be this new Lincoln MKT Town Car Livery package, which was revealed this week at the 2011 Limousine...

  • geely ge throne limo 005
    Geely goes for the gusto with throne-equipped GE limo

    Building a successful hyper-luxury limousine is a tricky game. While brands like Maybach and Bentley are struggling to find success, Rolls Royce is posting year after banner year of sales improvements. Now a newcomer has entered the game, and the result is catastrophically interesting. Built by...

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