Building a successful hyper-luxury limousine is a tricky game. While brands like Maybach and Bentley are struggling to find success, Rolls Royce is posting year after banner year of sales improvements. Now a newcomer has entered the game, and the result is catastrophically interesting.

Built by noted Chinese carmaker Geely, the GE is equipped with nothing short of a throne in its rear quarters. That's right, a single, ultra-opulent, center-positioned seat styled for the executive that's so important he needs 17.4 feet of sedan to haul just his ego around.

Of course, there's room for an enormous wallet in the trunk, though despite the obvious homage to Rolls Royce styling, the Geely is likely to cost several orders of magnitude less in its home market.

Despite the knock-off exterior and the borderline-megalomaniacal seating arrangement, the car does appear to be outfitted with legitimate luxury appointments, including burlwood paneling, leather upholstery and real wool carpeting.

Now all Geely needs to do is offer a 'Royalty' accessory package complete with manservant, golden crown and assassination plot, and the GE owner's life will be complete. Completely farcical, that is.