We've seen gold-plated Aston Martins and even Fiat 500s, but until now the cars receiving the treatment have largely been worth less than their paint jobs once all was said and done, save rare specimens like the gold-ensconced Rolls Royce Phantom - but not this time. A gold Bugatti Veyron out of Dubai brings together opulence and excess in a way few people can fully envision.

It certainly takes a special kind of eye to look at a $1.75 million Bugatti Veyron and think, "I'd like to draw more attention...I think I'll paint it gold." But that's exactly what the car's Kuwaiti owner did. The combination with tan offers a color combo that's at once eye-catching and also nearly camouflaged with its resident environment - the desert.

The car isn't just a freak-show garage queen, however, and it does get driven. It's been spotted out and about in Kuwait by media, the public and even a few speeding cameras. But the owner also coddles it as one might expect, treating it to the occasional $10,000 detail job and storing it in a climate-controlled atmospheric chamber inside the garage.

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