While the GT-R SpecV is one of the fastest and best-handling cars currently in production, it’s safe to say that almost every car enthusiast on the planet was hoping Nissan would pull out something much more extreme for the special edition model. In the lead up to the car’s unveiling earlier this year, rumors of a 550hp (410kW) output and a 220lb (100kg) lighter kerb weight were building excitement everywhere.

Though the SpecV wasn’t a complete letdown, its 485hp (362kW) output – the same as the standard Series II GT-R – and 132lb (60kg) weight reduction certainly was. According to the car’s chief engineer, there was an important reason for this.

Speaking with Edmunds, Nissan engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno revealed that the SpecV is “not the high-performance version of the GT-R” and that another model is in the pipeline.

What Mizuno has in store is still anyone’s guess but one suggestion gaining credence is Nissan will build a road-going ‘homologated’ version of its FIA GT1 race car. The storied ‘LM’ badge (short for LeMans) is expected to be revived for the “high-performance” GT-R and output is rumored to be set as high as 592hp (442kW) and 506lb-ft (685Nm) of torque.

Expect production of the car to be extremely limited as pricing will probably be set higher than even the SpecV, which at $161,800 in Japan, is already double the price of the standard GT-R.

This isn’t the only new GT-R model rumored to be in development. Nissan is also expected to launch a ‘M-Spec’ model, a softer version of the car targeted at luxury buyers seeking a performance vehicle.

Nissan GT-R SpecV official Nurburgring test video