Lotus has teamed up with another legendary company, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC), the manufacturer of Hawker and Beechcraft business jets, with the two firms working together on a number of unique initiatives. And to mark the occasion, HBC will be giving away a free Lotus sports car to anyone who buys one of its jets from now until June 30--as long as you live in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

Unfortunately, buyers won’t be getting the million dollar Lotus Exos Type 125 pictured above. After all, Lotus is only building 30 examples of its privateer race car.

Instead, customers who purchase a Hawker branded Jet will receive a Lotus Evora, while those that purchase a Beechcraft King Air will get a Lotus Elise.

In terms of the actual partnership, technology development meetings between HBC and Lotus engineers will provide an opportunity for sharing expert knowledge and working together on unique technological initiatives, especially in the area of advanced composite material design, something that is increasingly becoming crucial in the auto industry.

HBC will also be accompanying the Lotus Renault GP at a number of Formula 1 Grand Prix events over the coming season, including appearances at remaining races in Monaco, Germany and the UK, to showcase its range of aircraft to key growth markets in private aviation.

[Hawker Beechcraft Corporation via Bornrich]


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