A lightweight E90 BMW M3 Sedan has been lurking about Munich and its environs for a few weeks now, at least. The story is that it's a CSL or GTS-type take on the four-door M3. But now it's almost certain it won't be coming to the U.S. if it's built.

Or at least that's one way to read the latest reports. According to an interview with Matt Russell, M Brand manager for the U.S., at the New York Auto Show by M3Post, there are currently no plans to bring the car to market in America.

What's left unsaid, however, is whether there are currently any plans to bring the car to market anywhere. Though it's been spied and revealed as a concept at an event in Munich, the car was shown as a concept, without clear production plans or release dates.

Russell's statement, then, could be little more than the tight-lipped refusal to confirm a car the company itself is either not yet sure will be built, or which it's not yet ready to announce. Either way, we're still hoping it is built, and that it does come to the U.S.

For now, however, we won't be holding our breath.