Years in the making, focus-grouped against billionaires, packing 25 percent more cylinders than any new Rolls-Royce, the Bugatti Galibier is already destined to be a remarkable vehicle. But according to the latest reports, it may also be a plug-in hybrid.

Why not, after all? Assuming there's room in the large limo after the W-16 engine and small herd of cowhides are fitted, the price tag will surely be able to cover the expense of adding a plug-in hybrid drive system.

Why? Because Europe's city centers are increasingly going to zero-emissions outlooks for the near future--and what's the point of owning a Bugatti if only the country bumpkins can see you driving it?

Assuming the hybrid option proves out--and we think it will--it will, of course, only be an option--Saudi sheiks and Russian bankers will still be able to get their pure petroleum fix.