For those hard-core Bullitt fans out there, your car has arrived.

Gateway Classic Mustang is building a limited-edition 1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang. The hand-built car looks like a 1968 'Stang, but under the hood lies a modern Roush small-block V-8 that generates 450 horsepower.

Suspension up front consists of an adjustable strut coil-over setup, while the rear suspension is a three-link adjustable coil-over unit with a watts link. Steering chores are handled by a power rack-and-pinion unit.

The body is an original unit donated from a '67 or '68 Mustang. Power reaches the rear wheels via a Keisler five-speed manual and hydraulic clutch. The American Racing wheels are shod with BFGoodrich rubber, and Baer disc brakes are installed both front and rear (Rotors are 12 inches up front and 11 inches out back).

Inside, the cabin is mostly original with a few upgrades. For instance, a Gauge Package includes a tachometer. The rear seat folds down, while custom bolstered original-style front seats are available.

There are some more modern touches, such as air conditioning and an AM/FM/MP3 stereo with a six-speaker amplifier. Sound deadening is improved over the original.

Each car is numbered and signed, and orders are being taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Gateway Classic can be found online here or reached at 573-732-3541.

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