Suzuki motorized sofa

Suzuki motorized sofa

Suzuki is showing is lighter side at the Chicago Auto Show this year, with the unveiling of a motorized sofa. Spawned by the "Kizashi Kicks" ad campaign that takes aim at the Audi A4, the speedy seating arrangement is at least as cool as the Kizashi sedan.

It's not nearly as quick, capable, or useful, of course. But it is something most of us with a taste for speed and a danger-loving streak have considered building at least once.

The specs on the moving lounger put output at 6 horsepower, and mpgs at an impressive 37-45 estimated. A rack and pinion steering system helps turn the wide-and-short vehicle, while off-brand donuts handle the grip. The braking, on the other hand, comes up a bit short (as you'll know if you've seen the ad) thanks to nothing but a single-disc hydraulic unit on the rear axle, go-kart style.

Suzuki's description of the sofa makes it all the more enticing:

"This 1970s era sofa commissioned by American Suzuki retains its original synthetic trim finished in a fashionable tan and brown plaid motif. The sofa is complete with small tears and frayed stitching to meet Suzuki’s overall design intent. The sofa also features a variety of loose coins, cookie crumbs and pocket lint resting just beneath the seat cushions. The steering wheel is comfortably positioned at the center of the sofa, making ingress and egress easy for passengers looking to accompany the driver on casual journeys. The throttle pedal is unmistakable in that it features a custom bare foot shape finished in chrome-plated metal with black accents."

You have to give Suzuki credit for their humor and chutzpah, but really, we'd rather be looking at a production Kizashi Turbo (all-wheel drive with a stick, please) than a polyester prototype for couch potatoes.