Pricing details for the 2012 Ford Mustang are beginning to leak out, and the news is mixed. The good news first: The base Mustang GT sees its price slashed by $500. The bad news: Prices for the V-6 Premium and GT Premium models go up. The Shelby GT500 stays the same.

The base GT's cut means that the car will start below $30K, but few will likely be sold at that price. The Premium V-6 and Premium GT prices increase by only $200, but GT Premium convertibles jump by $700. As we've already noted, the 2012 Boss Mustang will start at $40,995.

Mustangs Daily has the full pricing scoop.

Bottom line, these changes are small and will not likely make or break too many deals. If $700 is the difference between purchasing a GT Premium Convertible or not, for example, you probably should be shopping in a less-expensive class.

On the hand, dealers will be able to advertise the base GT at a lower price, which just might entice a few more shoppers into showrooms.

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