Chevrolet Camaro Personal Computer

Chevrolet Camaro Personal Computer

You already have a Camaro--or two--in the driveway. You have a plethora of Chevrolet memorabilia in your garage. And yet, you still feel like something is missing in your home.

Well, perhaps a Chevrolet Camaro computer will be just what you're looking for. How better to cruise through the various Camaro forums on the Internet?

Yes, such a thing does exist, and you can buy it through Chevrolet's Chevy Mall website. The computer tower is essentially a replica of the current Camaro, with two USB ports in the grille, and the rest of the peripheral hook-ups in the back. The taillights light up when the hard drive--500GB or 250GB, your choice--is active and the DVD player slides out of the front bumper.

Prices for this Camaro--powered by Intel instead of a 6.2-liter V-8, start at $1,239.99. The mouse, monitor, and keyboard are not included.

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