Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

What with all the gay cars and 70s-icon hit-and-runs, we're a little behind on sharing some of the more pleasant celebs-and-cars stories. One such item: the recent Rally for Kids With Cancer in Los Angeles, headed up by one of America's favorite (though not particularly desperate) housewives, Eva Longoria.

We didn't get to attend the event this year, which is too bad, because the cars looked unusually good. (Check the Bentley Continental Supersports Eva's posing with at left. Yowsa.) We'd love to know how much dough was raised, but until the organization updates its website, we're kind of in the dark.

What we DO know is that Eva "flirted" with Gene Simmons at the event's red-carpet party. Which might've been cool once upon a time, but not so much now -- not so much AT ALL.

Eva, if you're reading: stick with what you know. (Biblically, we mean.) And for the rest of you, check the promo clip for the event, featuring Eva and some very nice rides: