Subaru Confidence in Motion concept teaser

Subaru Confidence in Motion concept teaser

Subaru is in a process of reinventing itself as it desperately attempts to enhance its brand image and build up its presence in the new car market. Over the past decade or so we’ve seen Subaru’s design language and positioning in the market fluctuate rather dramatically, and as we approach this month’s 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show we see that Subaru is at it again, with the automaker announcing today a new global brand statement: “Confidence in Motion”.

According to Subaru, “Confidence” reflects the brand’s attitude toward engineering excellence and the trust generated among drivers. Meanwhile, “in Motion” expresses Subaru’s resolve to continue innovating to meet customer expectations, especially in a world where environmental consciousness is becoming ever more prevalent.

In L.A. Subaru will unveil a new concept car (previewed in this official teaser) that embodies its “Confidence in Motion” philosophy. Expect it to feature some kind of alternative powertrain as well as a brand new design language that we could see on Subaru’s future models depending on its reception at the upcoming L.A. event.

The 2010 L.A. Auto Show kicks off on November 17. In the meantime, stay up to date with our full coverage page by clicking here.


2010 Subaru “Confidence In Motion” Concept teaser