The 2010 Camaro in Bumblebee guise

The 2010 Camaro in Bumblebee guise

As you might've heard, there's going to be a third Transformers film. Megan Fox isn't involved. Michael Bay is. We've already begun stockpiling tomatoes.

The shoot for Transformers III: Lube Job (or whatever they're calling it) hasn't been going all that great. You might recall last month's tragic on-set accident that put an extra in a coma. (Gabriela Cedillo remains paralyzed and may have permanently lost sight in one eye. Her friends and family have started a Facebook page to share news and support her recovery.)

And now there's been another incident:

Yes, it's a REAL police SUV ramming into a fictional superhero/car on the streets of Washington, D.C. We had no idea that stunt sets like this were so porous, but then, we have no idea about a lot of things. Apparently, the police office wasn't using the same channel as his colleagues securing the perimeter of the shoot. No one was seriously injured.

Three may indeed be a magic number, but as we've learned from Godfather III and Halloween III and Jaws III in 3-D, magic ain't all it's cracked up to be.