Yes, that's Mel Gibson. Yes, he's wearing eyeglasses and a fake mustache. Considering all the hate being heaped on guy, he should probably be wearing a helmet and a shield and other junk they wore in Olden Tymes (we forget the terminology: we haven't been to a Ren Faire in years months), but maybe the guy thought he could take it easy, what with Yom Kippur on the horizon. Surely many of his worst enemies are preparing for a long stint at temple.

Then too, armor is expensive, especially for a Hollywood pariah with few acting prospects in the immediate future. Perhaps Mel's cut back on his costume budget -- which would explain why he opted for a 19th century mustache and some readers from Walgreens instead of pricey chainmail. It would also explain why he's making his getaway in a Lexus LS 430 that looks several years old. It would've been funnier if he'd stayed in character and sped off on a velocipede, but still: good for him, tightening his belt.

Bonus: this whole episode and a subsequent one were captured on video. The reporter is pretty aggressive, and he comes of as a bit of an ass in the second run-in, but his jerkitude is still outshone by Mr. Year Of Living Wackily.