Whether you're a fan of the Humpback of Stuttgart or not, the Panamera is a truly impressive sedan, particularly in Turbo form. Thanks to the new set of individualization and performance options announced today, it's soon to be even more impressive, provided your pockets are deep enough.

Most interesting is the new Powerkit upgrade for the Turbo, which boosts power by 40 horsepower to a total of 540 horsepower, reducing 0-60 mph times to 3.9 seconds, just a tenth quicker than the standard Turbo. Top speed rises 2 km/h, or about 1.2 mph to 189.5 mph, yet despite the performance increase, it still manages a combined Euro cycle of 20.5 mpg.

The price of the Powerkit is even more substantial, however, at 16,695.70 euros including VAT, or about $21,500. It will be available for new Panameras from September, and can be retrofitted to existing Panameras courtesy of Porsche Tequipment from November.

Also announced today is a new Sport Design Package, which features a unique exterior color, widened black air intakes, new side skirts, and standard rear underbody and diffuser. Available from October, the new Sport Design Package will cost 4,851.50 euros (including VAT), or about $6,250. The side skirts can be had separately for 969.85 euros, or roughly $1,250.

Finally, a new set of 20-inch Sport wheels measuring 9.5-inches wide up front and 11.5-inches wide in the rear, available in a range of exclusive colors, will also be available for new and existing Panameras for 1,588.65 euros or around $2,000.

As with all euro-to-U.S. pricing, expect the final figures to be somewhat lower on our side of the pond.