Today we brought you our first drive of the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia from Pebble Beach, and tomorrow we'll have our take from behind the wheel of the 2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage, but we thought you might like an early taste of what's to come, so here are a few photos taken along Laureles Canyon Road.

The road, for those not familiar with the Carmel Valley area, is a twisty section of two-lane with numerous turn-offs and mostly courteous motorists. Its location and its tight, twisty, elevation-changing surface is perfect for a quick spin on a short test drive to evaluate a car's real-world accessible handling and acceleration, and that's exactly what we did before heading on through Concours traffic to the Inn at Spanish Bay.

Come back for the full story and more photos Thursday, but in the meantime, enjoy this gallery of one of Aston's sharpest in what ought to be everyone's backyard.