Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene

Full disclosure: we haven't watched the Twilight films.

Fuller disclosure: we're not going to.

Translation: we don't really know anything about Ashley Greene's character in those films, though we assume from the commercials that she is either a blood-sucking freak or some kind of full-moon fuzzball. Given the wax job in this photo, we're guessing her coffin sits in the former camp.

Another reason to suspect she bats for Team Edward without checking IMDB: Ms. Greene has switched from her a fairly conventional Audi Q5 to a snazzy Porsche Cayman, seen at the link below. And you know who else drives a Porsche? Actor Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire-in-chief Edward and is stuck driving a sleepy Volvo in the films (or so we've heard).

Sounds like someone's rubbing off on someone else. Let the canoodling rumors begin!