Powered by a newly-developed plug-in hybrid drivetrain, the Kia Ray plug-in hybrid concept unveiled today in Chicago puts a new face on green, and it's a face we'd like to see more of. Far from the often stodgy and dimly-hued hybrids that are in production today, the Ray brings a fresh, sporty feel to what is otherwise a hum-drum segment for the performance enthusiast, and it's just as innovative and futuristic inside as out.

The hybrid powertrain uses an all-aluminum 153-horsepower gasoline direct-injection (GDI) 1.4-liter engine paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that teams with a 78-kilowatt electric motor to deliver up to 746 miles of cruising range. The system can operate in electric-only, gasoline-only and simultaneous propulsion modes. Power is sent exclusively to the front wheels. Rolling resistance is cut through the use of narrow 195/50 20-inch tires and wheels.

There are currently no announced production plans for the Ray, but we wouldn't be surprised to see something similar hit the streets in a few years' time.

For the full details, check out our Kia Ray concept preview here.