Two months ago we brought you an early report that GM had approved the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon for production, and today a new report has Bob Lutz stating outright that it will be built.

No official press announcement has yet emerged from GM on the matter, but it's a logical extension of the V treatment to the nearly-identical CTS Sport Wagon. Lutz has also been the semi-official conduit of information for all things V since the CTS-V Coupe was confirmed and the Sport Wagon variant was first hinted at. So it's all but sewed up.

The CTS-V Sport Wagon won't get dumbed down to accommodate its more utilitarian layout, either, with a full 556 stomping horses under the hood and 3.9-second 0-60 mph time. In short, as Lutz put it, you'll be able to purchase the CTS-V "any way you want."

There's a lot of potential for the CTS-V Sport Wagon to steal away buyers from Mercedes, Audi or BMW that wouldn't go for the sedan. Audi's fantastic RS6, Mercedes-Benz's E63 AMG Estate and BMW's M5 Touring are forbidden fruit Stateside, so those with a hunger for speed in a wagon package will be left with essentially no alternative.

For more on the CTS Sport Wagon the CTS-V will be based on, check out our first drive review.

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