Welcome back, Audrina Patridge. It feels like just yesterday we saw you stepping into a sporty white Mercedes after an afternoon of shopping on Melrose. And now, you're....well, you're stepping out of a sporty white Mercedes for an afternoon of shopping, possibly on Melrose. You certainly get points for consistency.

You also get points for style. The outfit were wearing before: sleek, classic, MILF-in-training. Perfect for a Mercedes-Benz SL. What you've got on this afternoon is a little grungier, a little younger, ever-so-slightly rougher -- ideal for rolling in a G-Wagen. Here at CelebsAndCars.com, we know you have a choice in shopping attire, and we appreciate that you've chosen to coordinate it with your ride.

Our only concern is those shoes. Like, can you really drive in those? They look kinda hazardous. And besides, as a general rule, women with heels that high usually hire beefy chauffeur/bodyguards to shuttle them around -- with sexy results, of course. Kate Gosselin sent around a memo about all that, but maybe you didn't get it. Which is yet another reason to like you.