Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Oh, Karl Lagerfeld: you have just made our day.

There is nothing quite like seeing you -- one of fashion's indomitable forces -- dressed like the hippest uncle on Planet Earth, in skinny jeans, tipless gloves, and your trademark super-high collar. You're so attentive to detail that you've coordinated everything in this shot, including your ride:  the silver Hummer H3 matches your black/white/gray ensemble to a T, and the H3's military vibe dovetails beautifully with your own reputation as "The Kaiser". Can we be you, just for an afternoon? Pretty please, with sauerbraten on top?

Even if you weren't giving us a (mostly genuine) smile, we'd know that you're happy here. You're arriving at Fashion Week, fer chrissakes! It's your playground, your moment to shine, your time to pal around with the other power players in the fashion industry so that n00bs like us can gawk and say, "Holy crap! That's Karl Lagerfeld!" Tell us: is it really like they say? Is it really good to be the king?

However, we do have one kleine question, if we may, mein herr: why roll up to Fashion Week in an American (for now) vehicle, when you're European through and through? Why not a nice Audi or Porsche -- something to acknowledge the fact that your very own Vaterland is hosting one of the biggest automotive fashion weeks in the world right this very second?

Perhaps like most creative types, you enjoy being a bit contrary, a bit edgy. That's okay -- go ahead, eschew your roots, turn away from your home country, it only makes everyone love you more.