Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice

In the wilderness, small woodland creatures take refuge from stalking predators by camouflaging themselves with their surroundings.

Here, we see gamine famine survivor Victoria Beckham assuming the shape of a stop sign to avoid the paparazzi.

If one stays very still and quiet, one can pick out the differences between an actual stop sign and Mrs. David Beckham, even against the nondescript background and the nondescript Audi sedan reflecting her backside.

For one, a stop sign doesn't wear black in daytime, even if it's planted in front of Donna Karan's flat in Manhattan.

Two, there are no stop signs at LAX, which appears to be the mise en scene for this photo, which also gives the impression that Spice is somehow levitating. Since the camera adds ten pounds, this magic act can only mean Posh checks in at less than nine pounds.

Third, no stop sign has ever been asked to become a judge on American Idol. Paula Abdul, you'll recall, was clearly marked CAUTION: PROCEED SLOWLY.